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Improving Team Communication and Effectiveness/Productivity with Training and Coaching

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#1 Communication Problem for Managers 

As workplaces become more diverse, the need to communicate properly becomes more important. Communication between managers and employees, across departments, between customers and employees and between employees and vendors are all essential to how a business operates on a day-to-day basis. Even though communication is recognized as a key to a successful work environment, companies often struggle with poor communication in their workplaces. - 

What's the #1 communication problem for managers?    Active Listening

We use a unique individual culture assessment to identify gaps in communication and help teams better communicate and increase team synergy and productivity.

Our Areas of Expertise

Conflict Management in Teams

There are many reasons teams have conflict. We focus on managing and resolving conflict through effective communication methods and see conflict management as a strategic endeavor. We offer group training, 'lunch & learns' and one-on-one coaching for staff and leadership on conflict management. We use research-based, proven useful tools in the field to help manage conflict. 

Organizational Culture Assessment

Maybe you have a hierarchical organization or just feel you want to improve lines of communication across the organization and want help creating a more collaborative culture. We can assess your organizational culture and highlight areas that can be improved.

Team/Group Assessment and Coaching

We give your team(s) the IC assessment (below) to find out what areas need improvement and offer group training and one-on-one coaching to help your team(s) improve group cohesion, productivity, decision-making, problem-solving, conflict resolution, team leadership, more efficient processes, accountability and synergy. 

Our Unique Individual Cultural Assessment Tool

Culture is not just the country in which one was born or the color of one's skin. People from different backgrounds of all kinds, ages, genders, religions, socio-economic statuses, i.e., all of us, can have trouble working with those who do not share our beliefs, norms and/or assumptions. We use a special, effective and enlightening assessment tool created by Hoffstede, a Dutch scholar who is considered one of the "founders" of cultural studies and organizations. This tool helps people see their own preferences and norms in 5 categories that affect our behavior across all areas of life and affect all relationships: professional and personal. 

In addition to using this tool in all of our team communication coaching, we offer training and workshops on this tool.

Public Speaking

We offer coaching and training on public speaking to help you write, organize and present killer presentations. 

We are also available to speak at your event, conference, retreat or other major meeting on any of the topics listed on this page. 

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Our Unique Approach

We utilize a tool that assesses people's values/norms/preferences in 5 key life areas to help each person better understand their own values, preferences and behaviors in different situations as well as those they work with. This tool has been used in the intercultural, organizational management field around the world for decades. We have taught seminars on this tool for years and participants say it has profoundly changed how well they understand their own work and communication style as well as others. It improves communication, work productivity, teamwork and conflict management. 

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